The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to decorate the house for Christmas this year. I mean, I have all of the decorations ready to go and it’s just a matter of getting that Thanksgiving turkey polished off, and then I will be all over getting them up and our house will feel like a wonderland yet again.

And while my husband and I agree that we need to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate I, unlike him, believe that starting my shopping early is critical to getting all of those Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree this year. Even if I haven’t purchased my gifts for others yet, I know exactly what each and every person is going to get.

In that spirit, I thought it might be helpful to provide a list of some of the best gifts I think you can give to each and every age group. Of course, no matter what you choose to purchase, make sure to consult that budget first!

Ages Birth to 2


It might not seem like a glamorous gift to show up to Christmas day with, but trust me, diapers are expensive, necessary, and always appreciated.

Vtech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

A Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker is perfect for the kid that wants to get moving but hasn’t yet learned how to walk.

Ages 2 to 4

Fischer-Price Little People Farm Animal Friends

The little animals are perfect for any kid who enjoys making farm noises. The best part? They are durable and will last for decades to come…that is unless the dog gets ahold of them.

Magnetic Letters

These magnetic letters are an inexpensive way to get kids recognizing and using letters and numbers. Stick them to the fridge or any other magnetic place in your home, and let them go to town organizing and reorganizing them.

Vtech Drill & Learn Toolbox

Have a little one that wants to be just like daddy? If so, this is the perfect gift. Not only can they “work” alongside you as you get project done, but they will be able to identify how to keep their tools organized as well!

Mega Bloks

Mega Bloks are the perfect gift for any child that loves to build and can be used in combination with many other toys as well. When in doubt, they are always a good choice!

Disney Princess Dolls

My girls are ten and eleven and still love their Disney Princess Dolls. Of course, Cinderella is my favorite, but there are several others to choose from as well.


Not only is Play-Doh a fun activity for kids and adults alike, but it’s really inexpensive making it the best gift for anyone on your list.


Ages 4 to 6

Mo Willems Books

Any book by Mo Willems is a favorite in my home and, even as we’ve outgrown them, are still being read on a regular basis. You can also get the companion stuffed toys as well if that’s something you are interested in! (I did recently find the entire Mo Willems set at Costco, so if this is something you are interested, it might be worth checking yours)

Magnetic Building Blocks

These are an absolute favorite around our home. Younger kids push them together on a magnetic tray, and the older kids building them up into castles. Definitely a great purchase.

Ara the Star Engineer

Have a child that’s interested in Science and Technology? If so, you won’t want to miss this sweet story about Ara, the little girl who wants to become a Star Engineer.

Dress Up Clothing of Any Kind

You cannot go wrong with dress up clothing. In fact, while there are lots of prepackaged options, it never hurts to go through your own closet and determine what might be used in play. Hats, scarves, high heeled shoes, old skirts, and other items can make for a fun gift.

Candyland Board Game

It’s all about colors and counting to two, which makes it the perfect game to learn for younger children.

Ages 6 to 8

American Girl Dolls & Books

The dolls might be out of the price range for a holiday gift, but the books will take your child on an adventure they will be talking about for months to come.

Hasbro Connect 4 Game or Chutes and Ladders Board Game

Two great options for competitive games for this age group. They’ll want to play them with siblings and friends.


LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport

Kid’s at this age are starting to outgrow the Mega Bloks, so it’s a great time to introduce some harder Lego kits. Of course, if you have littler kids in the home, you’ll want to make sure these smaller pieces have a storage system that keeps everyone safe.

Ages 9 to 12

Nancy Drew Books

If your child is a reader, there’s no time like the present to introduce them to the mysteries solved by Nancy Drew.

DIY Braids Book

Have a little hairstylist in your home? Get them a book all about braids and see what they can come up with.

Uno Card Game

Everyone likes Uno, right? The colored cards and easy instructions make it the perfect game to play during a family night or friends at a sleepover.

Lego Sets

If your child is a Lego person, then it might be time to purchase a larger and more difficult set. Not sure which one to pick? Avengers and Star Wars editions are always a safe bet.

Colored Pencils

An artistic child can never have too many colored pencils. A larger pack, in combination with drawing paper, makes a great gift!

Ages 13 to 17

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes

Looking for a neat (and unique) gift for a teen in your life. Check out these notes!


Codenames is a team game that is sure to get the whole group laughing. Teens can invite their friends to play, but my guess is that once the parents see how fun it is, everyone is going to want in!

Arts and Crafts Items

When in doubt, a craft kit can be a fun idea for teens. Make sure you pick one that is challenging enough, though!

Gift Cards and Cash

And…finally, teens like gift cards and cash that they can spend on their own items. If you really aren’t sure what to get, there’s nothing wrong with going this route – just add a nice card to go with it!

Stocking Stuffers

In our home, stocking stuffers are a big deal and there are a few items we cannot do without!

Glow Sticks

Who doesn’t like glowsticks? Adults and children alike will be thrilled to see them in their stockings!

Holiday Themed Pencils

Kids love themed pencils so why not add a few to their stocking this year. Not only will you provide a nice gift, but they can put them in their binders and take them to school with them in January.

Lip Balm

My absolute favorite lip balm is Blistex, but you can choose whatever kind you like best. It makes a fun, and inexpensive, stocking stuffer.

Doctor Plotka’s MouthWatchers Toothbrush

If you haven’t had the chance to try out Doctor Plotka’s MouthWatchers Toothbrushes, you are definitely missing out. Although a little more expensive than your average toothbrush, it’s thin bristles have a flossing effect that gets your teeth feeling like you just had a cleaning. Plus, it’s supposed to last longer!

Find a gift that should be added to this list? Leave a note in the comments below!

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