Encouragement Challenge: Bring on Happy

Full disclosure: I am not the cook in our home. In fact, my family all groans a bit when I am responsible for meals, which typically involve one of two things: leftovers from the fridge or something related to tacos.

I am a decent baker, though, but there is nothing I dislike more than coming into a kitchen and not being able to find exactly the tool I am looking for to get the job done. Anyone else feel the same way?

The things is, when we don’t feel happy in our situation, it often results in us making choices that we wouldn’t ordinarily make: such as eating out when we are on a budget or wasting food because we didn’t realize we still had it.

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Encouragement Challenge: Bring on Happy

Let’s find our happy in the kitchen with this week’s challenge, shall we?

  • Go through all of the drawers in your kitchen. You can do this one by one or all at the same time.
  • Remove all of the items and wipe out each drawer, careful to remove all of the crumbs and anything sticky that might have found its way in.
  • Organize the items you removed from the drawers, setting aside anything that you haven’t used, didn’t know existed or don’t plan to use in the future. (Public Service Announcement: If you aren’t the cook in the kitchen on a regular basis, make sure to check with the cook that those items are actually obsolete. You’d hate to throw away something important or expensive to replace.)
  • Throw out any old spatulas, measuring cups, or other items that are no longer in good shape.
  • Place all measuring cups and spoons back with their partners, take out any silverware that doesn’t belong, and put all of the kitchen utensils back where they belong.
  • Donate or throw away anything and everything that you don’t need, use, or want anymore.

Now, doesn’t that just make you feel a little happier when you walk back into your kitchen?

I know I plan to try my hand at some Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies my friend Ina has been recommending. What about you?

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