How to Choose a Chores App Your Family Will Love

One of my favorite things to do is to look for ways we can streamline our systems at home. The less nagging and reminding I have to do, the better. And that’s exactly why we’ve embraced a chores app to help us stay on top of all of our household tasks.

When I was first looking around for a chores app, I asked a few other moms if they had any recommendations. A lot of them had used an app at one point in time or another, but they’d never really found something that worked for them.

I went through and looked at several of the apps that were suggested and I could immediately see why. The apps didn’t accommodate the entire family, were geared toward either little kids or big kids, and often they required a lot more time spent on a device then actually completing the chore.

After considerable research, I’m happy to report that I found an app that works for us, and I can’t wait to share all about it with you. Before I do, though, I wanted to take some time to discuss how to to choose a chores app your family will love.

Step #1: Determine Your Need

When it comes to choosing a chores app your family will love, it’s important to start by identifying who is going to use the app and what features you’d like to have at your disposal.

You might ask the following questions:

  • What is the age of your kids?
  • Do you have multiple devices or will there be a single device used for the app?
  • Are chores tied to allowance money or points? Do you prefer automatic payouts (connected to a bank account) or manual payouts (you subtract the awarded amount)?
  • Will you and your spouse also utilize the app?
  • Do you want recurring chores or will you add chores weekly?

…among other things.

In our case, I wanted myself, Justin, and our teenager to be able to use the app to track completion of our recurring weekly chores. Our toddler is too young to understand it yet, but I’m certain that he’ll catch on quickly when the time comes. It was essential for us to have the flexibility for each individual to use their own device while still being able to monitor each other’s progress. As we operate primarily on a cash budget, allocating payments manually was also an important feature.

Your specific needs may differ, but it’s important to clearly define your requirements. This approach will not only save you time but also ensure you make informed decisions that align with your preferences and budget.

Step #2: Look at Ease of Use

The next thing to consider when it comes to choosing a chores app your family will love is the ease of use. It’s likely that you’ll notice this the first time you open the app. Is navigating the app straightforward? Can you effortlessly add chores or tasks and monitor progress? Or do you find yourself wasting time searching for the next step?

The entire goal of having a chores app is to make your life simpler. So, if it doesn’t do so, then it’s not the right one for you. Shut it down, remove it from your app library, and explore alternative options

Trust me, making the switch now will save you time and frustration long-term.

Step #3: Consider the Cost

Streamlining your home life is only effective if you don’t destroy the budget in the process. Numerous chores apps provide a free version with potential upgrades, while others are exclusively paid versions. As you evaluate the cost of your chosen app, ensure that it aligns with your monthly or yearly budget.

Tip: If you choose a yearly payment option, take a step further and add it to your seasonal or yearly budget line item. You might also consider adding a reminder in your calendar so you aren’t surprised when that charge goes through again next year.

What is the Best Chores App for Families?

After experimenting with various apps through trial and error, we settled on Chorsee for managing our household tasks. Among the apps I tried, Chorsee stood out with its abundance of features, yet it maintained a user-friendly interface that wasn’t overly complicated.


The cost (as of the January 2024) is $39.99 per year, which comes down to approximately $5 per month. For us, it was worth the yearly payment to streamline our chores process.


The app is created for ages 4 and older, and each chore can be assigned an icon to help those non-readers understand their chore responsibilities.

Tip: If you have a toddler at home, I highly recommend using this physical responsibilities chart to help him or her get in the routine of completing tasks. Then, when they are old enough to use the app you’ve chose, it’ll be easy to make the transition.

Features We Love

Some of the features we love about the app include:

  • Ability to include multiple family members
  • Unlimited chores, including recurring or one-time
  • Allowance or “points” rewards, depending on your preference
  • Household setup is simple – across multiple devices
  • Chore completion verification option in the form of photos
  • Have chores repeat on multiple days, weekly or bi-weekly
  • Ability to add subtasks to more complicated chores

…as well as a “first come, first serve” option that allows anyone to take the chore and get credit for it.

I also like the fact that Chorsee allows for widgets on your device home screen. That means that I am reminded of what I need to complete during the day and can check off my tasks without even having to enter the app.


Of course, with any app, there will always be drawbacks. A couple that we’ve noticed include:

  • Only available for iPad and iPhone as of January 2024
  • Initial set up of chores requires knowing which chores you want assigned to which person on which day. Once you have it set up, though, it is easy to change.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the advantages far surpassed the drawbacks for our family, making Chorsee the best choice for our current needs. If you own an iPhone or iPad and are in search of a chores app, Chorsee is definitely worth exploring.

Disclaimer: I want to clarify that I have no association with Chorsee, and I won’t be receiving any compensation for providing this review. Given Lemon Blessings’ commitment to simplifying family life, it seems fitting to share a tool that has proven valuable in our household.

How to Choose a Chores App Your Family Will Love

A chores app can be useful, but only if your family is set up to use it. If you don’t have the right tech in place or aren’t willing to devote the time to set up a new app, there’s nothing absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Consider these additional resources to help:

Whatever you choose, I’m cheering you on!


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