May Savings Challenge: Flowers After Showers

Summer is fast approaching and after the stress of April, I’m certainly looking for the sunshine in both the weather forecast and our budget.

May Savings Challenge: Flowers after Showers

For the month of May, my family has made the goal to place half of all of our extra income (that which is not already designated to another category of the budget) into our savings and the other half of that extra into our vacation fund.

At this moment, we are paying the minimum payments on our debt for the purpose of increasing our emergency savings to a total of at least three months’ worth of expenses.

To keep us in check, we are using the Blessed Budget Planner.

Ways We Are Saving This Month

It’s a bit different than our normal savings challenges, but this month we are working to offload anything that we’ve stored for a long time that is no longer necessary. After all, we know that the more stuff we have, the more space we need to store it. AND the more space we need to store it means we spend more money doing so.

My plan is to photograph and scan the many boxes of papers we still have in our storage area and then get rid of the hard copies. I’m going to make room in my file cabinet by doing the same. In the age of digital storage, there’s really no reason we should continue to allow the paperwork to pile up.

Additionally, Justin and I are working to get rid of one box of stuff each week this month. We can sell and/or donate, either way is fine, but it’s definitely time to offload.

Ways We Might Fail This Month

Honestly, May is a pretty standard month in our home. We don’t have any major commitments, so it seems fairly likely that we will be able to stay on track. Of course, that can all change at a moment’s notice, so we are anticipating the unexpected and working hard to stick to our budget no matter what life throws at us.

What About You?

How are you going to achieve your financial goals this month? Will you, like us, work to offload the extra things that take up storage space in your home or will you take on a different method?

Tip: If you are struggling to get that budget together, grab my Family Budget Workbook today!

Leave me a comment below and let me know! I’d love to be able to cheer you on!