Simple Ways to Save on Heating Costs

Heating ranks high as one of the biggest costs during the winter months. While having to heat your house is unavoidable in most areas of the United States, there are some steps you can take that will help you save money on heating costs. 

Take Advantage of Sunlight 

While the winter months don’t afford the same luxury of non-stop sunshine, it’s critical to use what you get. Opening the blinds during the day when the sun is out will help you heat your home. Just make sure you close your blinds as soon as or before the sun goes down so you don’t negate the effort.

Lower The Temperature 

If you want to get serious saving money, consider making a change to your thermostat. Even setting it one or two degrees lower than what you normally can have a big impact on your heating bills. (Just be sure that your significant other is on board, or you might land in the doghouse.) If you prefer to keep it warmer when you are home, consider investing in a programmable or smart thermostat. Then, allow the place to cool off while you are gone (or sleeping) and heat back up when you are home and awake. 

Keep Your Doors Shut 

There are so many benefits to keeping your doors shut. At night, most fire professionals advise you to keep your doors shut for safety, but you can also lower your heating bill by keeping your interior doors shut throughout the day. Some people may be apt to open them to allow heat to flow through the house, but if you notice that isn’t working, consider shutting them to contain the heat. Of course, if you have a home like ours where the thermostat is located outside of the room, it might not be as effective.

Consider Window and Door Options 

Opening and closing your blinds can go a long way during winters when you’re trying to lower your heating costs, but there are other options you can use that will make it easier for you to keep your heating costs down during the winter months. Invest in thermal shades or cellular blinds to help trap heat in your home. You may even consider blackout options (drapes or shades) that will keep the light and the cold air out.

When it comes to the doors around your home, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t getting a big draft (and, hopefully, no draft at all). Take time to properly install or reinstall weather stripping and consider using a towel or a door draft blocker on the coldest of days. We have one door in our home that is cold no matter what we do, so the winter months find it wrapped in a blanket. It’s not the prettiest, but it makes a huge difference.

Turn Ceiling Fans On 

It seems counterintuitive to turn the fan on if you’re trying to keep your house warm while not spending too much money, but doing so could help reduce your heating costs. Make sure the fan is pushing downwards and turn it on a low setting. This will push the heat that’s risen to the ceiling down and will help make your home warmer. 

Layer Up Your Clothes 

Winter layers are seriously the best for so many reasons (uh, hello to hiding the extra pounds you packed on at the holidays). Another one of the amazing benefits to layering up during the cold winter months is that you can actually lower your heating bill.

Start your day off in something warm and cozy like a long sleeve shirt with a thick sweater over it. (Don’t forget fleece-lined leggings and a pair of fuzzy socks!) By starting out warm, you’ll be less likely to mess with your thermostat during the day. If you get hot, just shed a layer! 

Vent Solutions 

If your furniture is in front of your vents, it could be blocking the heat from reaching your house. This could make it more costly for you to heat your house and could have a big impact on your electric or gas bill. Consider purchasing inexpensive vent diverters or even boosters. Diverters will help make sure the air goes under the furniture instead of getting caught behind it. (Note: They are typically meant for forced-air heating and should not be used with baseboard heating as that could pose a fire hazard.) You can also purchase a booster for rooms in the house that just don’t seem to ever get warm no matter how high you crank up the heat! 

Space Heaters…Seriously

Space heaters can be dangerous if you don’t take proper precautions, but they can be helpful if you’re trying to lower your heating costs. Using a space heater wisely may make it easier to heat up a room when you don’t want to heat up the entire house. They can be helpful in office spaces or even in the living room, but they should not be used when you’re asleep or in a child’s room!

Save on Heating Costs

No matter what you decide, it’s likely that you will see some kind of increase in your heating bill over the winter months. Take action ahead of time to make sure your budget can accommodate the change. Grab the Family Budget Workbook to help you do just that.