Encouragement Challenge: Make That Vacation a Reality

I’m always looking forward to the summer season, no matter what time of year it is. First, I really enjoy being warm. Second, my entire family has the summer off so we get the opportunity to go camping, hiking, and just spend time together.

Despite all the planning we do, though, summer vacations always seem to sneak up on us faster than expected and, in the past, we’ve spent more than we could afford on trips and other activities.

Encouragement Challenge: Make That Vacation a Reality

This week, I want you to give some careful consideration to what your summer plans might look like. Are you taking a vacation? Planning some weekend camping trips? Putting your kids in summer camp (day or overnight)? In need of extra daycare? Hosting a family gathering?

Whatever your plans might be, write down anything and everything that will create additional expense for you outside of your regular monthly budget. Then make a plan as to how you will pay for each and every expense.

  • Will you start budgeting for them now, splitting the cost between the remaining months so that you don’t have to put it on your credit card?
  • Will you work a few extra hours or cut back on spending in another area of your budget?

We all know by now that without a plan, failure is inevitable, right? Make a plan this week and implement it to the best of your ability. Come summer, you’ll be happy you did!

Let’s make this summer the best one yet.

Tip: Grab the FREE Vacation Planning Printable Worksheet HERE to get started!