Sneak Peak: What’s Happening in 2024?

It’s been six years to the day since the initial launch of Lemon Blessings. At the time my dream was to help families improve their financial situations, without taking on a second job. My mission became to offer practical, easy-to-implement financial strategies to help you do just that.

I didn’t start Lemon Blessings with the idea that it would turn into a business. Honestly, I just wanted a creative outlet I could use to share what I was learning at the time. But…very quickly this blog was making money and I had a lot of other bloggers reaching out to see if I would help them do the same.

…so that’s what I did.

And in 2022, I stepped away from Lemon Blessings entirely to run the marketing end of my business.

Over these past few months, though, I have realized that while I LOVE helping other business owners grow their businesses online, it’s not the thing I’m MOST passionate about.

Lemon Blessings is what I’m passionate about:

  • Sharing real life financial strategies for families that actually work.
  • Working through the day-to-day issues so that we can be better together.
  • Engaging a community with a common goal.
  • Showing up where and when it’s most important.

That’s what I’m passionate about and it’s exactly where I’m being called.

Knowing that, I’m excited to announce that with the fresh start of 2024 comes the re-launch of the Lemon Blessings blog.

We’re going to get a fresh perspective on:

and all those little day-to-day things that no one talks about, but that make a huge difference.

Each month you’ll find new resources to help you on the journey, as well as monthly challenges to keep you motivated.

So, if you’re ready to join (or rejoin) the Lemon Blessings’ movement – to turn those lemons into blessings, to get your finances under control, or to have a stress free home – you won’t want to miss a thing. Jump on the Lemon Blessings Insiders’ List to be notified AND get bonus tips and strategies you wouldn’t get otherwise.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.

Until then – I’m cheering you on!

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